October 5, 2013

Staff Pick and Free Dr. Dog things!

What do we love listening to this week? what is spinning non-stop in the store? It's Ty Segall and friends master work level psych record.  That's right, it's....

Fuzz - S/T
(In the red)

     Some day Ty Segall will run out of things to scream about and guitars to shred with but luckily that day seems far away.  And being one of the biggest names in the west coast garage/psych scene and putting about 5 records out a year seems to be doing nothing to slow him down at present.  For Fuzz He's taking a back seat on the guitar front and sitting behind the drums for some Stooge-esque primal drumming.  The guitar work belongs to Charles Moothart and he's busting out the heavy psych sounds!  Diving deep into 60's garage psych barrel to pull out sounds that remind you of both Syd Barrett era Pink Floyd and MC5 level rock.  Check it out!

Also! For the new Dr. Dog Record B Room we've got a limited give away: Signed lyric sheets!  It's awesome and the record is great.  Come get it while we still have some.

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