May 21, 2011

Staff Pick of the Week

Every week we here at Repo like to pick one record that we can all agree on as being the one thing we can't stop listening to. This week's pick is.....

Human Eye - They Came From The Sky
(Sacred Bones)

Terrorizing, howling and impossible to listen to only once Human Eyes gives us They Came From The Sky. Human Eye hails from Detroit and loves to make an impression. From their odd home brewed cover art to their must see live performances (including amazing home-made costumes) they really want you to pay attention. The vocals have that a Eddie and the hot rods going crazy type swagger. While the guitars range from pounding garage riffs to spacious psychedelic and then brief moments of noise. It's a crazy record but if you love Garage and want to see what direction it's going in then you haveto pick this up.

This is not from their new album but I couldn't find anything better.

May 18, 2011

Mel goes to Paris

This whole week we'll be without Mel. She's going to Paris of all places. So for the most of this week you'll be dealing with Dan or Joe, that's right it's dude week.

This is what Mel will experience in France:

I got this one after googling "The God Damn French"