February 9, 2013

Staff Pick:

Every so often here at Repo we like to pick one record that we can all agree on as being the one thing we can't stop listening to. The one we pick today is...

The People's Temple - More for the Masses
(Hozac Records)
"Like a psilocybin trip in the woods. Awesome sounds traveling in and out of your lobes at 150 miles per hour. The wilderness around you is growing…breathing. This record is the soundtrack to your adventure. You can hear it somewhere off in the distance, drawing you in. It makes you want to move your feet, do awkward but funky things with your body. Michigan’s own People’s Temple has nailed down what seems to be the best trip you have ever had, and all you have to do is drop the needle.  They have turned back the dial, sharply carving out a block from the small tree of modern psych bands paying proper respects to their 1960s predecessors." (Ryan Yelencsics, Fuzz Drench)

These words above are all painfully true - this double-brotherly band from Lansing, MI has done it again (we had their debut LP Sons of Stone up here as a staff pick in 2011!) Get a proper preview of the album right below with these few songs, then come on out because we have copies of the album on hand!

Everybody Loves Free Stuff!

It's true, we all love to get something for nothing.  Well it just so happens that we have free stuff ALL OF THE TIME and right now is no different.  If you buy a copy of Pissed Jeans - Honeys or  Bleeding Rainbow - Yeah Right you get a FREE 7"! And if you buy the Foals new record Holy Fire you get a sweet Foals notebook.

"Free? FREE!"

Yes my friend, free.