January 22, 2012

Staff Pick

Every so often here at Repo we like to pick one record that we can all agree on as being the one thing we can't stop listening to. The one we pick today is....

Cloud Nothings - Attack On Memory
(Car Park Records)

What singer Dylan Baldi had to say on his hopes for this record "I just hope that they realize that they’re not able to pigeonhole us necessarily to a certain genre. We’re a band that has our own aesthetic rather than a band that ascribes to maybe trends or something that people might have thought we did based on our last couple of records."
Well, he got it. This doesn't sound like 2011's self titled release with it's spazzy pop punk-ness. With Attack on Memories opener "No Future/No past" Cloud Nothings make the statement that this might be a different record. With it's decidedly darker tone and post-rock structure the sound of those lo-fi recordings from Turned On are blown outta the water.
The second track is the much talked about "Wasted Days". The song clocks in at just under the nine minute mark and really leaves a statement. It starts off with a heavy enough tune, going on without a clue of what's to come. Then the song shifts gears and... it just becomes a monster. Building for five minutes until the song explodes back into the chorus. I love it.
The record has a sound that is constantly reminding you of something. You wanna say Drive Like Jehu or you wanna say Fugazi but nothing really hits it right on the mark. This album works best when they let themselves get a little heavy and explore the range they can create in a song. You just get sucked into some of them. Oddly enough, the the few poppier songs on the album seem out of place, like they were written at a different time.
Attack On Memories lets us know that CN is still evolving, still finding new creative outlets and that we should be on the look out for what's in store.

January 14, 2012

Just some Stuff

News: Local Post-Punk pysch favorites Far-Out Fangtooth is playing at the Level Room (21st and Market) on Sunday the 15th at 9pm. NOTE: This is one of the shows that Phonographic Arts has switched over from Little Bar. Little Bar no longer does Phonographic Arts shows.

We also have this cool Matador/True Panther 2011-12 sampler 12" "Intended Play". Featuring the likes of Girls, Kurt Vile, Fucked Up, Perfume Genius and more. It also has this amazing new Ceremony track Hysteria. Oh, and it's only $1.99!

New Ceremony album out March 6th

Songs We've been listening to that aren't new:

Thin Lizzy - Suicide
Dead Moon- Dagger Moon
Beach Boys - Surf's up
Spacemen 3 - Take Me to the Other Side
New York Dolls - Who Are The Mystery Girls?
Sebadoh - Not To Amused
Charlie Feather - Mound of Clay
The Chills - Pink Frost
T. Rex - Born to Boogie
DWARR - Screams of Terror
Snowy Red - Nowhere
Love - Stand Out
Arthur Lee - Everybody's Gotta Live

January 9, 2012

Staff Pick

Every so often here at Repo we like to pick one record that we can all agree on as being the one thing we can't stop listening to. The one we pick today is....

Guided By Voices - Let's Go Eat The Factory
(Guided By Voices Records)

Seeing older acts come out with new material can be scary. When The Feelies said they were gonna put out Here Before in 2011 I couldn't help but think "Why?" With their back catalog so loved why risk it, why smear a great history? Well, they're artist. They're not out to be commercially successful. They simply want to make music cause that is what they do, and they do it well. And when Here Before came out I loved it.

So when I heard that Guided By Voices was coming out with a new record I forgot all about the lesson Here Before had taught and felt that sense of dread. I didn't want one of my favorite bands to get back together (after a tour that one could argue was cashing in on itself) and put out a lame record. Should this record just be considered another release of 2012? It's different then when a band simply comes out with a new record after putting one out the year before. Papers and thesis's have been written about GBV. I've seen a girl weep during "Red Men and Their Wives". I've bonded with people about lines from "Echos Myron". So, yes, GBV is treated differently.

And here it is, Lets Eat The Factory and it's...... good, really good. After hearing this record I thought to myself "that IS how an older GBV would sound". it's filled with more of the mellower composition they're known for. There is no "Game of Pricks" on this record. filling it instead with songs that are lovingly produced and thought over. On tracks like "Doughnut for a Snowman" you can almost hear the shit-eating grin on their collective faces. The lyrics are still amazing. Still full of wit and sarcasm, Pollard and Sprout can still make you rewind your record to double check what they said. From "The Unsinkable Fats Domino" How's your life and cycles/ compared to your next rival?/ a '59 revial?/a '005 Survival? it's just fun stuff. Pick this record up, play it with some friends around and hang out, it'll be a good time.

January 2, 2012

The Birthday Party Reissues!

We got a bunch of copies of The Birthday Party's official reissues. We have Hee Haw, Junk Yard and Prayers on Fire. You need to own these. You know it's true.

January 1, 2012

Happy New year!

Sorry we haven't updated in a while. Apathy? Disillusionment? Contempt? All possible reasons but the truth is we've been pretty busy wrapping this year up and there are very few releases in December. So we thought we would just post some things of interest here for everyone.

New Releases

Um, like I said not much has come out in recent days. There was the Girls "Lawrence" heart shaped 10" that is super limited (we still have some copies) and pretty neat.

There's been some amazing garage rock records to come out. The Eddy Current Suppression Ring collection "So Many Thing" is a record I don't think I'll ever take off our turntable. Ty Segall's Singles collection and Thee Oh See's "Carrion Crawler/The Dream" are both fantastic.

Cool People, Places and Things

One really cool thing about a record store is everyone that's there is at LEAST curious about music. So some of the people that stumble in here do some pretty cool thing like making music or hosting radio shows or what ever. I've mentioned some of them in the past but here's some more. Just goes to show you that you should talk to other people while your here!

Platter Playlist

Created by our good friend Paul, Platter Playlist is an amazing playlist blog that is updated weekly and features country, folk, rock and soul from 60's on up. All amazing and all ripped from vinyl. If you come into Repo with any frequency then you have, without a doubt, heard us play this playlist.

Styrofoam Drone

If you like the sort of music we post about on the blog then you need to check out Styrofoam Drone. This is amazing website, created by our pal Zac, that does music reviews right.

Jazz With Dan Buskirk
WPRB-Princeton 103.3 fm mondays 11am-1pm

A couple of weeks ago I was talking to Dan and mentioned that I have a really hard time getting into jazz and I wish I could find the right style to catch my attention. Well Dan went home and the next week he came in with an amazing mix CD that showed me all the other faces of jazz that I never knew about. I have yet to take the CD out of my stereo at home I listen to it that much. Dan is a great guy with a radio show that is equally great. If you want to hear interesting, capturing jazz tracks then you need to hear Dan's show.


If you are not already on the Psychic Teens wagon then you need to fast! A fantastic local band that just came out with their first full length "TEENS" on the new Philly label
Golden Voyage. We are trying to always have it in stock but this stuff keeps selling out!

We want to say thanks to everyone that supported and continues to support Repo and we love all you guys! HAPPY NEW YEAR!