October 29, 2011

Repo gets a Twitter.

People, we've done it. We have a twitter and you should check it out. It'll be the coolest twitter, like, ever. Totally.

This is the future

October 26, 2011

Staff Pick(s)

Every so often here at Repo we like to pick one record that we can all agree on as being the one thing we can't stop listening to. The one we pick today is.....

...... Well I can't decide. Today two albums came in and both are pretty killer. So we'll just call this one a tie between....

J.C. Satan - Hell Death Samba

French weird-o punkers J.C. Satan hits us again with their second album "Hell Death Samba" and after 2010's "Sick of Love" LP we couldn't wait for more. SOL was filled with moody stoned punk tunes and a splash of heavier rock songs for flavor. This time around it seems like they flipped the coin and made an album that was heavier more "live show" ready and catchier. They still have their classic Salvador Dali-esque lyrics ("This wasn't my room/That wasn't my house/I saw my cat flying through the sky.... This is my arm/that is my sword/against the darkness/like a superhero...) And not to forget the sound that we first loved them for there's still tracks that sound like they're coming from some pot head's strange dream. It's good stuff all around.

This song is not off "Hell Death Samba" but it's the same flavor as the album. Couldn't find anything off the new one.

Bare Wires - Cheap Perfume

Forget about bobby

I sorta wanna say they sound like a T. Rex meets Iggy Pop. When I first heard the title track awhile back I was mildly impressed and never really thought more of it. We've listened to Bare Wires before and thought they were decent. But when the record came into the store and I got to listen to it on the store speakers I was shocked. It's fantastic. Mixing modern garage guitar with proto-punk styles creates a wonderful collection of songs that both manages to grab your attention and make perfect backdrop music to parties. They're not stepping on new ground but I'm still willing to bet that this will make a few "things you should listen to" lists.

October 25, 2011

Black Friday Releases & Sigur Ros Movie Tickets

This Black Friday, November 25th, is going to be an awesome day of releases. Sorta like a mini Record Store Day. And we don't want YOU to miss out. So here's what you do :

1) Read the list I have below of all the releases.

2) Decide on the one's you want. There are some great picks.

3) Contact us over the phone or E-mail and we'll order it for you!

4) Come in November 25th and pick up tunes. Rock out.


Sigur Ros is doing a cool promotion for their new live album/DVD "INNI". If you are one of the first twenty people to pre-order the album in any of it's forms (CD/DVD-19.99 BLU RAY-22.99 or 3LP/DVD-26.99) you get FREE TICKETS to the screening of the film at the INTERNATIONAL HOUSE on DECEMBER 2nd. So you get to see the film in a theater instead of at home on a crappy TV like all the other chumps.

Here's the trailer. The whole film is going to be pretty cinematic.


Sharon Jones-Soul Time! CD $14.99/LP $15.99

Boris-New Album CD $14.99/LP $24.99

Nick Lowe-Go Away Hound Dog 7" $7.99/10" $12.99(recorded as 78rpm)

Black Face-I Want to Kill You 7" $7.99 (Black Flag's Chuck Dukowski + Oxbow's Eugene Robinson = Black Face: a selective collective take on music as riot and Dukowski-era Black Flag. On tour Spring 2012.)

Fleshtones-I Can't Hide 7" $5.99

Los Straightjackets-Hark the Harald Angels Sing 7" $5.99

Tom Ze-Brazil Classics Vol. 4 -Best Of LP $19.99

Old Man Gloom-Christmas Eve I & II + 6+Live in NYC LP $20.99

Pyramids/Horseback-A Throne Without A King LP+7" $25.99/Cassette $9.99

Helms Alee-Weatherhead Cassette $9.99

Beatles-Singles Box Set 4X7" $49.99

Pink Floyd-The Wall Singles Box 4X7" $49.99

John Lennon-Imagine 40th Anniversary LP $59.99

Beastie Boys-Hot Sauce Commitee Vol 2 LP $63.99

Syd Barrett- Mick Rock: Syd Barrett - The Photographs of Mick Rock 7" box and photos-Featuring incredible, era defining images of Syd at his most enigmatic, taken by legendary photographer Mick Rock. The box also contains an exclusive 7” single ‘Octopus’ b/w ‘Golden Hair’ in a picture bag and on yellow heavyweight vinyl’. $39.99

Ryan Adams-Do I Wait 7" $2.99

Jimmy Cliff-Sacred Fire 12" $13.99

Fear-Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas 7" $7.99

Matisyahu-Miracle 7" $3.99

Dream Theater-Metropolis PT2:Scenes 12" $29.99

Bob Dylan-Can You Please Crawl 7" $39.99

Kings Of Leon-Early Vinyl 4LP Box $139.99

Janis Joplin-Classic LP Collection 4LP Box $119.99

Janis Joplin-Move Over! 4X7" $39.99

Miles Davis-Miles Davis Quartet 10" $12.99

Nirvana-Nevermind-The Singles 10" Vinyl Set $59.99

Soundgarden-Live on I-5 10" $19.99

Pete Townshend-Quadrophenia Demos Vol 1 10" $19.99

Warren Hayes-Rivers Gonna Rise 12" $6.99

Iron & Wine: Morning Becomes Eclectic 12" $19.99

Black Keys-Lonely Boy 12" $10.99

Red Hot Chili Peppers-Blood Sugar Sex Magik 12" $34.99

Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers-Kiss My Amps Live 12" $18.99

The Doors-LA Woman Singles Box 4X7" Box Set $49.99

Grateful Dead-Live Europe '72 Vol. 2 4LP $69.99

Pinback-Information Retrieved 7" $7.99

Wilco-Speak Into The Rose 10" $13.99

Justin Townes Earle-Slippin and Slidin' 7" $4.99

Phish-Party Time 12" $24.99

Phish-The White Tape CD $19.99

John Cale-Ep: Extra Playful CD $9.99

Crowded House-Intriguer Live: Start CD/DVD $24.99

Cory Chisel-Upstairs at United 12" $10.99

Brendan Benson-Upstairs at United 12" $10.99

Various Artists-Wheedle's Groove 7" Box $54.99

Chris Cornell-Songbook 2LP $34.99

Dr. Dog-Warrior Man 7" $5.99

Mr. Gasser and the Wei Hot Rod Hootenanny 12" $19.99

Mr. Gasser and the Wei Hot Rod Hootenany CD $16.99

Mr. Gasser and the Wei Rods N Ratfinks 12" $19.99

Mr. Gasser and the Wei Rods N Ratfinks CD $16.99

Mr. Gasser and the Wei Surfink! 12" $19.99

Mr. Gasser and the Wei Surfink! CD $16.99

Back-Wash Rhythm Band-The Golden Breed Soundtrack 12" $19.99

The Yardbirds-Ha Ha Said The Clown 7" $8.99

The Yardbirds-Ten Little Indians 7" $8.99

The Byrds-The Times They are 7" 8.99

The Byrds-Eight Miles 7" $8.99

Lovin' Spoonful-Alley Oop 7" $8.99

Misfits-The Devils Rain 12" $39.99

Rainbow-Long Live Rock N Roll 12" 29.99

Elf-S/T 12" $29.99

All That Remains-Some of the People 7" $4.99

Type O Negative 12" Vinyl Box $114.99

for more detailed info about the Black Friday releases go to www.recordstoreday.com

October 16, 2011

Staff Pick

Every so often here at Repo we like to pick one record that we can all agree on as being the one thing we can't stop listening to. The one we pick today is.....

Sex Church - Growing Over

Sex Church's "Growing over" is more space rock less punk rock, sorta sounds like if Wooden Shjips started a punk band. The driving guitar and bass rhythm has been split up since their last album "Six Songs"(an album that is still on a some-what heavy rotation for myself) and now the job of rhythm is solely on the bass, which is perfect, making a more compelling, diverse sound. If you love the bass sound of Les Rallizes Dénudés then this is right up your alley. Before guitar leads were less prominent and more used for driving the rhythm but it now has much stronger hooks. Now there are lead hooks abound and it never feels indulgent but necessary, they get stuck in your head all too easily. Tracks like "Put Away" and "Growing Over" get pretty epic, showcasing their ability to do post-rock compositions while managing to stay away from that label. All in all this is a slightly catchy, heavy, at times spacey and fully enveloping album. You'll put it on and get lost in it.

We still have one copy left of their first album too. Just say'n.

October 12, 2011


A big thank you to Mr. Rollins for coming in the store on Monday and doing the signing. Guy was a real champ. He started early, he stayed late, did a couple of hours of straight signing and took time out for anyone that wanted to ask him questions. Also dude was super nice. So once again Henry Rollins THANK YOU.

All Photos courtesy of Brian who's been friends with Repo for a long time. I'm gonna hug him at some point as payment.

Rollins with Dan

I nearly pee'd myself

Also a big thank you to everyone that came out to see him. You guys were fantastic. No one acted like a jerk and everyone was patient. You guys are the reason this was such a success so Mel, Dan and I want to say Thank You to everybody that came out.


October 5, 2011

Staff Pick of the Week and some extra info on the Rollins event

First things first. Concerning the Henry Rollins signing, if you are unable to attend this event (work ruins everything) you're in luck! We can hold a copy of his book and ask him to sign it for you! Just give us a call!

And also....

Every so often here at Repo we like to pick one record that we can all agree on as being the one thing we can't stop listening to. The one we pick today is.....

Dum Dum Girls - Only in Dreams
(Sub pop)

We loved Dum Dum Girls first full length I Will Be and the follow up EP He Gets Me High was one of our staff picks a bit back. So it would have been a safe assumption that we were looking forward to this one but you would have been wrong. Too many times the sophomore release from promising bands are lack luster at best and leads to lack of interest from the general public. We feared this like finding out your dog has cancer, so we distance ourselves from it so it wouldn't hurt so bad when the dog dies. But we were TOTALLY WRONG! This record is like everything we loved about Dum Dum Girls made better. The vocals are brought a little bit more up front, though they're still washed out just enough to sound like the Dum Dum Girls. The singing in general has improved vastly. Tracks like "coming Down" and "In My Head" showcase some real talent vocally. They've also lost some of the garage rock spit for a more vulnerable feeling album, lots of songs about feeling lonely and loss. This adds some needed complexity to the Dum Dum appearance and it fits right in with their sound. And their willingness to clock a song past the five minute mark is nice without felling drawn out for no reason. Slightly slower tempo makes certain songs feel very dreamy, and that combined with lyrics about boys sorta makes you feel like you're a teenager again.

I would punch someone in the face just to be the guy that takes Dee Dee's jacket when she comes into a nice restaurant.

October 2, 2011

Henry Rollins is coming to Repo!


That's right. The man responsible for some of the great moments in punk rock is hanging out a Repo. Henry Rollins is coming to support his new book "Occupants" which is a collection of photographs he's taken in his travels from 2003-2010 and new writings. He'll be here signing and discussing his book. We're all pretty pumped to have him here and hope you all can come out and have some fun.

Few pictures exist that don't have him screaming or looking pissed.