September 25, 2011

Some News and a Staff Pick

It's been too long! Good to see ya, how ya been?

What's new with us? well, first off we have some bitter sweet news. Long time employee and dancer to the stars, Crystal, has sadly left us to pursue fame and fortune in NYC.

"Yeah, we got her!"

"Lets hang out with Crystal now that she's in the big apple"

"Yeah! CRYSTAL!"

So that means that those days of walking into the store and seeing her drawing a Heavy Metal Wizard are over, instead you'll be seeing more of this dude....

Also why not mention our Staff Pick of the Week? This weeks we love....

Wooden Shjips - West
(Thrill Jockey)

We've always loved Wooden Shjips. Everything they've done has been great and West is no exception. Starts off with Black Smoke Rise which a pounding space rocker that never manages to wear itself thin. Later on comes the track Home which has a 70's hard rock riff with backing organs and slightly tripped out vocals and every bit of it is hypnotizing. Then around the three minute mark it snaps you back with a solo. The whole album has that great relationship, you get really into whatever rhythm they set out early on and then when they change it up it's only to get crazy. You could argue that's just what Stoner Rock is and you'd be right but Wooden Shjips has always done it better than most and, with West, they've proven that again.