December 8, 2012

Staff Pick:

Every so often here at Repo we like to pick one record that we can all agree on as being the one thing we can't stop listening to. The one we pick today is....

OBN IIIs - s/t LP
(Tic Tac Totally Records)

OBN IIIs have more or less been quiet for a majority of 2012, but this new self-titled album makes up for all that time, again and again. As far as their sound goes, they haven’t missed a beat, retaining their endlessly exhilarating rock and roll spirit with the fury of some of the rowdiest punk rock. The difference this time around would probably be that things are not as straightforward overall as they were on their debut LP The One and Only. In the long run these new tracks are longer, making for an overall lengthier record and giving the band more time to experiment and progress their filthy, snarling, punk n' roll sound with some new ideas ( We have some copies of the vinyl in the store now, come on down and grab one - get a preview of the record first by listening right here!

October 20, 2012

Staff Pick

Every so often here at Repo we like to pick one record that we can all agree on as being the one thing we can't stop listening to. The one we pick today is....

Cold Showers - Love & Regret
(Dais Records)

     Love and Regret is an ambitious offering, combining elements of swirling post-punk with a bit of murky pop haze and a sinister industrial-electronic twist. It’s a rich and intoxicating sound, characterized heavily by Jonathan Weinberg’s brooding vocals, Chris King’s icy cool guitars, relentless drum thuds and dark, reverberating synth textures. The LP wields a few different styles, including dark dance floor burners (“So I Can Grow,” “BC,” “Seminary”) that seek to invigorate, while others like “I Don’t Mind,” “In Terms of Pleasure” and “New Dawn” have a lighter pop edge. ( Even though Love and Regret seemed to get a bit overshadowed by records from Ty Segall and Tame Impala coming out the same week, all of us at Repo still share a mutual love for it. Listen to the album below and come get one before they're gone!

Win tickets to see AC Newman on 10/25!!!

Hey! You can send us an e-mail at to win a pair of tickets to see AC Newman at the First Unitarian Church on October 25th!

Do it for a chance for a free show! Doors open at 8:00pm and opening band Mynabirds will start at 8:30! See you there?

October 13, 2012

Third Man Records at Repo on 10/16

Coming on Tuesday, October 16th, THIRD MAN RECORDS "Rolling Record Store" will be at Repo Records from 11am til 2pm! They're making the stop on their way up to CMJ in New York City, so it would be wise to come check it out! They'll have some of their limited-edition releases from Third Man on top of some other goodies, but really the best way to find out what's available is to follow them on Twitter - @thirdmanrecords. You can get more info right from the Third Man Records website! See you on Tuesday!

July 22, 2012

Staff Pick

Every so often here at Repo we like to pick one record that we can all agree on as being the one thing we can't stop listening to. The one we pick today is....

Dusted - Total Dust

     Remember Holy F**k? They're responsible for 2010's amazing electronica album Latin.  Well the band's been pretty busy since that record with constantly touring and it's been inside of that touring schedule that bandmate Brian Borcherdt developed a albums worth of songs that didn't fit into the Holy F**k sound scape. That's where we get Dusted's Total Dust.  10 songs filled with mornfully soft vocals, deceptively simple arragements of just a guitar and drums and with some pleasant production flourishes.  But in that simplicity there's some real power behind these songs.  Take "Property Lines" it starts off with just guitar and a Chad Van Gallen-esque falsetto and moving quickly into a exspansive build up that ends with a satisfying bigger sound.  Over all it's a pretty chill record to throw on when you just wanna relax, read a book or sit around and do nothing.

June 2, 2012

Staff Pick

Every so often here at Repo we like to pick one record that we can all agree on as being the one thing we can't stop listening to. The one we pick today is....

 Liars - WIXIW

     The big thing here is that it's such a change from the things the Liars have done before and yet still without a doubt a Liars album.  Sister World (which was one of the best releases of 2010, just say'n) hinted at a more brooding Liars but did not prepare you for this.  It's pretty obvious that kraut rock and industrial ambiance (however you wanna define that) were on the menu when they were writing this.  Synth heavy on every track and wonderfully spacious.  Angus Andrew's vocals complement the newer, slower and less tradtional "rock'n'roll" sound.  Great percussion through out, keeping everything together and allowing the rest of the songs components to preform more experimentally.  Even though this is a pretty moody album it's pretty easy to hear the pop melodies through out which makes it pretty accessible to the uninitiated.  Check out this album if you like Liars and even if you don't cause this is something to be played again and again.

May 28, 2012

Record Store Day 2012 : The Aftermath

Sorry for the (very) late post about Record Store Day but I lost my laptop and I forgot the assignment and then my dog ate my homework, Etc..  We just want to say

 I mean really, thank you all for your patience.  That line was pretty long in the beginning.

 Crystal appeared like a vision and disappeared just as fast

 Record Store Day Cookies!

the last of the "Vintage" Repo T-shirts

Repo would to send a special thank you to Cheers Elephant for playing at our store and in the sun while everyone else was comfortably in the shade.  These guys rocked the block and we loved it.

This was easily the best RSD we've had and it's all thanks to you guys! Everybody was really patience and everybody was super nice to one another.

From the Repo Crew

Also a BIG THANK YOU to our photographer friend Jeffrey Sidelsky ( who was just stopping by to check out the scene when he was wrangled into taking photos for us.    All these pictures were taken by Jeffrey and if you're interested in his work for yourself drop him a line.

April 17, 2012

Record Store Day April 21st


April 16, 2012

Staff Pick of the Week

Every so often here at Repo we like to pick one record that we can all agree on as being the one thing we can't stop listening to. The one we pick today is....

White Fence - Family Perfume Vol. 1

Yeah, White Fence is really good. Growing Faith was a great album and the follow up Family Prefume Vol. 1 is even better. It sounds pretty how you would expect a garage record recorded entirely on acid would sound. Trippy melodies, jammed out riffs, rambling lead guitar and odd sounds abound. Some tracks are a little more power rock than others but for the most part it's a John Lennon meets the Fugs sort of sound.

If you had to find a fault with the album I would have to pick on the production quality. I know the lo-fi sound was intentional but it sounds like they went overboard. The lead guitar at times screeches painfully while others things (i.e. the other guitar) can get lost. But in all that muck it a truly superb album. It's not a party album, it's something you put on in your living room and soak it in. This record was made for you personally, so take the time to sit back and really listen to everything going on. It's all pretty messy and if you're not careful you'll overlook just how great this record is.

March 30, 2012

The RSD List Part Deux


Second part of the Record Store Day list

The Neanderthals - Groovy Dances (7") $9.99
Neon Indian - Hex Girlfriend (10") $17.99
Neon Trees - Everybody Talks (Heart shaped 7") $9.99
Night Wish - Trails of imaginaerum (10") $16.99
Now Now/The Lonely Forest (split 7") $9.99
Sinead O'Connor - How About I Be Me (LP) $16.99
Oberhofer - Away Frm U (7") $6.99
Odd Future - The OF Tape (Double LP w/CD) $27.99
Of Monsters and Men - Into the Woods (10") $13.99
Ozzy Osbourne - Believer (Color 7") $11.99
Ozzy Osbourne - Live (Double LP) $34.99
Shuggie Otis - Inspiration Information (color7") $9.99
Buck Owens - Coloring Book (7" felxi-disk w/coloring book) $20.99
Amanda Palmer - Polly (7") $8.99
Katy Perry - Part of me Remix (180 gram color 12") $6.99
Lee "Scratch" Perry - Blackboard Jungle Dub (10") $29.99
The Pharcyde - Bizzare Ride II Singles Collection (colored 7" Box Set) $59.99
Phish - Junta (Pollock Edition 180 Gram 3LP with Poster/Regular 3LP )$79.99/49.99
Pistol Annies - Hell on Heels (180 Gram LP) $18.99
Iggy Pop - Mick Rock Tins (color 7" w/128 photo book A1:Success B1:The Passenger) $40.99
Iggy Pop and The Stooges - Raw Power (Double LP Orig. David Bowie 1973 mix 16 page booklet.) $29.99
Grace Potter & The Nocturnals - Live at Sun Studios (CD/11.99) $7.99/11.99
Preeteen Zenith - S/T (LP) $19.99
P.I.L. - One Drop EP (7") $12.99
Pujol - Reverse Vampire (7") $5.99
Pussy Galore - Feel Good About Your Body (7") $6.99
Quantic & Alice Russell With The Combo Barbaro - S/T (7") $10.99
Rainbow - Long Live Rock'n'Roll Deluxe (Picture Disk LP) $29.99
Rainer Maria - S/T (LP) $15.99
Joey Ramone - Rock'n'Roll is the Answer (7") $5.99
The Receiving End of Sirens - Songs//2003 (7") $6.99
Otis Redding/Aretha Franklin - Respect (Color 7") $6.99
Lou Reed - Rock'n'Roll Animal (120 Gram LP) $22.99
Lou Reed - Transformer (120 Gram LP) $22.99
Refused - The Shape Of Punk To Come (Color LP) $24.99
Paul Revere & The Raiders - (You're a) Bad Girl (7") $9.99
The Right Now - He Used To Be (7") $6.99
Ringworm - Justice Replaced By Revenge (Color LP) $14.99
Ringworm - The Venomous Grand Design (Color LP) $14.99
Chris Robinson - New Suede Shoes (Color 7") $6.99
Rockabye Baby - Lullaby Renditions of The Smiths (Color LP) $16.99
Catlin Rose - Piledriver Waltz (7") $5.99
Rough Guide : African Rioots Revival - S/T (180 Gram LP) $18.99
Rough Guide : New Orleans - S/T (180 Gram LP) $18.99
Rough Guide : Psychedelic Africa - S/T (180 Gram LP) $18.99
Saturday Looks Good To Me - All Your Summer Songs (180 Gram LP) $17.99
School of Seven Bells - Kiss Them For Me (7") $6.99
Shabazz Palaces - Live at KEXP (color 12") $11.99
Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros - One Love To Another (7") $6.99
Sigur Ros - Hvarf/Heim (Double LP) $24.99
Paul Simon - Graceland (180 Gram LP) $24.99
Ricky Skaggs/Tony Rice - Skaggs & Rice (LP) $24.99
Slighty Stoopid/The Expendables - John Denver Music Series (7") $7.99
Small Faces - Itchycoo Park (7") $13.99
Small Faces - Tin Soldier (7") $13.99
Patti Smith - Horses (120 Gram LP) $22.99
Snapcase - Progression Through Unlearning (color LP) $14.99
Social Distortion - Hard Times and Nursery Rhymes (Color LP w/ CD and poster) $21.99
SonnyMoon - Wild Rumpus (7") $7.99
Soundtrack Of Breakfast Club - S/T (Color LP) $19.99
Soundtrack Of Empire Records - S/T (Color Double LP) $24.99
Soundtrack Of Pretty In Pink - S/T (Color [Can you guess what color] Double LP) $19.99
Esperanza Spalding - Radio Music Society (180 Gram Double LP) $29.99
Regina Spektor - The Prayer Of Francois Villon (color 7") $6.98
Bruce Springsteen - Rocky Ground (7") $7.99
St. Vincent - Krokodil (7") $5.99
Ralph Stanley - Single Girl (78 format) $19.99
Starfucker - Heaven's Youth/Reptilians Demos (LP) $17.99
Straylight Run - S/T (Color LP) $14.99
Switchfoot - Vice Re-Verses (CD) $5.99
T. Rex - Electric Warrior (7" Box Set) $49.99
Taking Back Sunday - We Play Songs (12") $10.99
The Tallest Man on Earth - King of Spain (7") $13.99
Tegan & Sara - Get Along (Color LP) $22.98
Rosie Thomas/Sufjan Stevens - Hit & Run Vol. 1 (7") $7.99
Richard Thompson - Haul Me Up (7") $6.99
Tinariwen - Tassilli (LP) $24.99
Tomahawk - Eponymous To Anonymous (Triple LP) $45.99
Peter Tosh - Legalize It Echodelic Remixes (10" Picture Disk) $19.99
Pete Townshend - Quadrophenia Demos 2 (12") $17.99
Uncle Tupelo -March 16-20 1992 (180 Gram LP) $24.99
Uncle Tupelo - No Depression (180 Gram LP) $24.99
Uncle Tupelo - Still Feel Gone (180 Gram LP) $24.99
Uncle Tupelo - The Seven Inch Singles (7" collection w/Poster) $44.99
Town Van Zandt - At My Window (LP) $24.99
V/A - Never To Be Forgotten: The Flip Side of Stax1968-1974 (7" Box Set) $69.99
V/A - Arts & Crafts Records Comp. (LP) $17.99
V/A - Sacred Bones Records Comp: Todo Muere Vol. 2 (LP) $15.99
V/A - Smugglers Way: A Domino Records Felxi-Disk "Zine" (5 page felxi Disk booklet) $21.99
Walk The Moon - Anna Sun (7") $6.99
M. Ward - Primitive Girl (7") $5.99
Sara Watkins/The Everly Brothers - You're The One I Love (Color 7") $6.99
Mike Watt &The Missingmen/The Chuck Dukowski Sextet - Sweet Honey Pie (Color 7") $7.99
Paul Weller - That Dangerous Age (color 7") $9.99
White Stripes - Hand Springs (7") $9.99
Wide Spread Panic - Live Wood (180 Gram LP) $19.99
Wilco - The Whole Love Deluxe (Box set includes 180 Gram double LP w/7" and 45 insert and slipmat and CD ) $59.99
Johnathan Wilson - Pity Trials and Tomorrow's Child (12") $14.99
Steven Wilson - Catalogue/Preserve/Amass (LP) $29.99
Winter Boys - Winter Boys Cutting a Rug (7") $6.99
Winterpills - All My Lovely Goners (12") $16.99
Xiu Xiu/Dirty Beaches - S/T (7") $6.99

All that typing gave me a head ache.

March 19, 2012

Record Store Day 2011! The List Part One

Record Store Day is coming soon!

311 - RSD 12" (12") $9.99
311 - Music (LP) $34.99
ABBA - Voulez Vouz extended dance remix (12") $15.99
Adams, Ryan - Heartbreak a Stranger (color 7") $6.99
Adrian Younge Vs. Adrian Quesada - S/T (LP) $11.99
Ahn, Priscilla & Sea of Bees - John Denver music is you (7") $7.99
All Out War - Assassins in the House of God (color LP) $14.99
Anberlin - Blueprints for the Black Market (LP) $13.99
Anberlin - Never Take Friendship Personal (LP) $13.99
Animal Collective - Transverse Temporal Gyrus (LP) $15.99
Arcade Fire - Sprawl II (12") $10.99
Arctic Monkeys - R U Mine? (7") $7.99
Atmosphere & The Uncluded (Aesop Rock & Kimya Dawson) - RSD Picture Disk (10" Picture Disk) $14.99
Baez, Joan - Farewell Angelina (LP) $24.99
Bareilles, Sara - Stay (7") $7.99
The Baseball Project - El Hombre (7") $12.99
Battles - Dross Glop 4 (12") $14.99
Benevento, Marco - This is How it Goes (7") $6.99
Benson, Brendon - What kind of World (7") $5.99
The Black Angels - Watch Out Boy (Color 7") $6.99
The Black Keys - El Camino (Double LP W/bonus 7" and poster) $39.99
Black Prairie - Singers Portland (7") $6.99
Blitzen Trapper - Hey Joe (color 7") $5.99
Blood for Blood - Enemy (Color 7") $6.99
Bloos Magoos - So I'm Wrong and You're Right (7") $9.99
Blues Project - Parchman Farm (7") $9.99
Bowerbirds - In the Yard (7") $6.99
Bowie, David - Mick Rocks Tin set (7"[Starman W/ Suffragette City] W/128 Pg. booklet in tin) $40.99
Brad - Waters Deep (color 7") $5.99
Bragg, Billy & Wilco - Mermaid Ave. Complete sessions (3 CD/DVD) $39.99
Brown, Danny - XXX (Double color LP) $ 24.99
Brown, James - Live at the Apollo (7") $7.99
Buckner, Richard - Willow (7") 5.99
Byrds - It's No Use (7") $9.99
Captain Beefheart - Diddy Wah Diddy (Double 7") $15.99
Carolina Chocolate Drops/Run DMC - You be ill'n (7") $6.99
Cause For Alarm - S/T (Color 7") $6.99
Childish Gambino - HeartBeat (Color 7") $7.99
Chocolate Watchband - Psych Trip (7") $9.99
chonjnacki, Matt - Put the Needle on the Record (Book W/Various album artist signed bookmarks) $39.99
Chuck Persons - A.D.D. Complete (7") $4.99
The Civil Wars - Billie Jean (7") $9.99
The Civil Wars - Live at Amoeba (CD) $6.99
Clark Jr., Gary - Presents Hwul Raw Cuts (12") $12.99
Clark, Gene - She's That Kind (7") $9.99
The Clash - London Calling 2012 (7") $9.99
The Cleaners From Venus - Blow Away Your Troubles (Double LP) $21.99
The Cleaners From Venus - Midnight Cleaners (LP) $14.99
The Cleaners From Venus - On Any Normal Monday (LP) $14.99
The Cleaners From Venus - The Cleaners From... Vol. 1 (3 CD's) $27.99
Cohen, Leonard - Live at Frederiction (12") $9.99
ColdPlay - Up With the Birds (7") $6.99
Common - The Dreamer (LP W/exclusive RSD album art) $22.99
Coryell, Larry - Spaces (LP) $24.99
Crofton, Chris - Pearls Before Swine (LP) $19.99
Crosses - Option (7") $7.99
CSC Funk Band - A Little Weight (7") $7.99
The Cult - For The Animals (7" Picture Disk) $8.99
The Cure - Entreat Plus (Double 180 gram LP) $24.99
Cursive - Burst and Bloom (Colored LP) $15.99
Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. - We Almost Lost Detroit (12") $16.99
Dave BruBeck - Fantasy 3-3 Distinctive Rhythm (colored 10") $12.99
Davis, Miles - Forever Miles (LP) $24.99
Death Grips - The Money Store (180 gram LP) $23.99
Deep Fried Boogie Band/Colossal Yes - S/T (7") $7.99
Deerhoof/Of Montreal - StygianX Bisection(7") $6.99
Del Ray, Lana - Born to Die (7") $4.99
Destroyer - Destroyer's Rubies (Colored Double LP) $24.99
Devo - Live in Seattle 1981 (Double LP) $28.99
Dickinson, Luther - Zip-A-Dee-Do-da (78rpm LP) $19.99
Dillard & Clark - Lyin' Down the Middle (7") $9.99
Disturbed - The Collection (6 LP Box Set) $129.99
Dr. John - Locked Down (LP W/ Bonus CD) $21.99
Dry The River - New Ceremony (7") $4.99
Dudamel/Wiener Philharmoniker - Mendelssohn Symphony #3 in A Minor (LP) $24.99
Earle, Justin Townes - Nothing's going to change the way you feel.. (7") $5.99
The Electronic Anthology Project - EAP of Dinosaur Jr. (CD/LP) $13.99/23.99
Evans, Bill - Selections from Live At Art (Colored 140 gram 10") $15.99
Fallon, Jimmy - Tebowie (7") $6.99
Farrar/Johnson/Parker/Yames - Let's Multiply woody Guthrie uncovered lyrics (10") $12.99
Finn Riggins - Benchwarmers (CD/10") $10.99/10.99
The Flaming Lips/Mastodon - A Spoonful Weighs a Ton (7") $6.99
Fleetwood Mac - S/T (180 gram 45rpm double LP) $44.99
Fleetwood Mac - S/T (Normal LP) $24.99
Flogging Molly - Drunken Lullabies (7") $5.99
Florence and the Machine - Shake it Out remix (7") $4.99
Foster The People - Broken Jaw (7") $7.99
Fun. - The Ghost That You Are To Me (10") $13.99
Futurebirds - Seney-Stovall (LP) $15.99
Garbage - Blood For Poppies (7") $6.99
Genesis - Spot The Pigeon (Color 12") $21.99
Glam (Roxy Music) - Mick Rock Tin (Color 7" W/128 Page book)
Gogol Bordello - Imigriniada (12") $11.99
Gorillaz - Do Ya Thing (10") $9.99
Graffiti 6 - Colours (Double LP) $16.99
Grateful Dead - Dark Star (LP) $16.99
GravenHurst - The Prize (Color 10") $11.99
The Green - Ways & Means (Color LP) $17.99
Grouplove - Don't Fly Too Close To The Sun (7") 6.99
Guy, Buddy - This is Buddy Guy (LP) $24.99
Hause, Dave - Resolutions (7") $5.99
Hazelwood, Lee - The LHI years (LP) $24.99
Hey Mercedes - S/T (180 gram 12") $11.99
Hiss Golden Messenger - Jesus Shot Me in the Head (White Label 7") $5.99
The Hives - Go Right Ahead (7") $6.99
Patterson Hood & The Downtown 13 - After It's Gone (7") $6.99
The Horrible Crowes - Live From Fingerprints (7") $5.99
Hurt, Mississippi John - Last Sessions (LP) $24.99
Icky Blossoms - Babes (7") $ 5.99
Nickolas Jaar and 78 Edits - Mike James Kirkland Luz'n'Haight (12") $10.99
James, Skip - Devil Got My Woman (LP) $24.99
Jamiroquai - Rock Dust Light Star (Double LP W/CD) $24.99
Jeff The Brotherhood - Upstairs and United (45rpm 12") $11.99
Joplin, Janis - Highlights From The Pearl Sessions (Double 10") $34.99
Joplin, Janis - Pearl (180 gram LP) $24.99
Jukebox the Ghost - I Love You Always And Forever (7" W/Hand Drawn Cover) $9.99
Kimbra - Settle Down (CD) $5.99
King Crimson - 21st Century Bundle (8 CD box set) $49.99
The Knack - Live in LA 1978 (10") $9.99
Lemuria - Varoom Allure (7") $6.99
Little Richard - Here's Little Richard (Color LP) $12.99
Lopez, George - Tall, Dark and Chicano (LP) $9.99
Loveless, Lydia - Bad way to Go (7") $5.99
Luna - Rendezvous (180 gram LP) $22.99
Luna - Romantica (180 gram LP) $22.99
M83 - Mirror (7") $8.99
Mae - The EverGlow (LP) $18.99
Mariachi El Bronx/The Bronx - S/T (Color 12") $9.99
Marling, Laura - Flicker and Fail (7") $8.99
Mars, Bruno - The Grenade Sessions (10") $12.99
Branford Marsalis Quartet - Four MF's Playing Tunes (180 gram LP) 31.99
The Denny Marsalis Orchestra - Crossfire (7") $9.99
Mastodon/Fiest - S/T (7") $6.99
Mates of State - Crushes Covers Mixtape (LP) $17.99
Matt Pond PA - Measure (180 gram LP) $16.99
Matt Pond Pa - Several Arrows Later (180 gram LP) $16.99
Mc5/Afrika Bambaataa - Kick out the Jams (Color 7") $6.99
McCartney, Paul - Another Day (7") $4.99
McClusky - McClusky Do Dallas (150 gram color LP) $18.99
Means, Sam - Nona (7") $6.99
Medicine - Shot Forth Set Living (Double LP/2 CD) 21.99/17.99
Medicine - The Buried Life (Double LP) $21.99
Metallica - Beyond Magnetic (Color LP) $12.99
Micheal Buble/Ray Charles - Georgia On My Mind (color 7") $6.99
Mike Snow - Devils Work The Remixes (7") $7.99
Minus The Bear - 7INCH (7") 7.99
Misfits - Walk Among Us (Color LP) $17.99
Moving Mountains - Foreword (12") $16.99
The Mynabirds - Generals (7") $5.99
The Mynabirds - It's My Time (7") $6.99
Nathanson, Matt - Left & Right (CD) $7.99

March 12, 2012

Staff Pick

Every so often here at Repo we like to pick one record that we can all agree on as being the one thing we can't stop listening to. The one we pick today is....

The Tough Shits - The Tough Shits
(Burger Records)

Philly Favs The Tough Shits have finally gotten their debut record pressed on wax! This is one of the releases I've been looking forward to for awhile now since I never got hold of the cassette version that came out in early 2011. I've been to plenty of their shows and loved the raw rock'n'roll energy they pumped out, now there is the physical testament to that sound.
And First off.... It's not quite as dirty as I was expecting. I sorta walked into this thinking that the record was gonna be a "Holy shit I've got a killer Hang over... what did we do last night? What, we made a record?" kind of record. It's a much nicer record than that. And that's only referring to the sound of the record which is clean, has bright guitars and out in front vocals. But after the first half of the first song you realize that the clean sound highlights the song writing skill of these dudes. Hearing the guitar strum away without swimming in distortion and reverb is refreshing and the vocals come right at you which is perfect on those tracks that plead for your sympathy (She's a Loner). So overall the record sounds great.
But once you take a listen to the lyrics you're reminded that, yes, this is gang of misfits you've seen at shows all around town. Some tracks go the way of girls and space heaters(?) while the others speak of being a poor dude and living it up. My favorite line is on Try Not To Laugh where the words go "In the middle of a line of coke...... Try not to laugh" enough said. In short the album is 12 hook filled, well crafted garage punk tunes that demand a second play. This is the perfect thing to listen to now that the weather is getting nicer, it's a summer party record without a doubt.

Oh, Did I mention it's only 11.00!

February 25, 2012

New Staff Pick

Every so often here at Repo we like to pick one record that we can all agree on as being the one thing we can't stop listening to. The one we pick today is....

Islands - A Sleep & A Forgetting
(Anti- Records)

You just kinda knew this album was gonna be good. After doing Mister Heavenly and putting out a digital only collection of great solo work (Which you can find Here) Nick Thorburn was on a roll. so this album just seals the past 12 months for him. This is decidedly different from past Islands records. Islands have been known to make well crafted, if not a little silly at times, pop songs full of curious energy and odd flare. This record's sound is softer, sadder and with much more empathy. These are songs that are filled with longing, self questioning and desire. Something we're not used to from a guy who gave us "where there's a will there's a whalebone" it's a refreshing side to see. As for the "Sound" Producer Evan Gordan has made sure this is mindfully less produced than past records so to play to the strengths of these songs. The sound never really gets crazy or too layered which again, is different and nice for these more heartfelt songs. But of course there are plenty of great tunes that Nick Thorburn can't help but write. The guy just oozes catchy. what you really end up loving about these songs is the lyrics. Full of honest sentiment (If penny roams away then I will have lost everything/but in many ways I already don't have anything) and little bit of heart break (I miss my wife/I miss my best friend) you feel for the guy AND you get to tap your toes while you do it.

February 12, 2012

Some Stuff.

Just a quick update on some things.

The new Leonard Cohen album "Old Ideas" is amazing and everyone should listen to it on a rainy day/lazy Sunday. We have the CD and the vinyl should be coming in at some point.

We have one of our favorite local bands, The Eeries, new-ish 7" "Comes Alive" and it has 4 awesome rock'n'roll tracks that you need to hear. Full length LP coming out soon on Evil Weevil

Some point soon we're gonna have a box of super cheap CD's. And I'm talking GOOD stuff like Fugazi, Iron & Wine, Misfits and lots more. The Catch is that they are CD only. No jewel case, no frills, no flare. Just the CD's. The range is gonna be from .49 to 2.99. So keep an eye out.

Also Whitney Houston Died the other day and I feel like this is a good place to just post a song she did that we all like.

January 22, 2012

Staff Pick

Every so often here at Repo we like to pick one record that we can all agree on as being the one thing we can't stop listening to. The one we pick today is....

Cloud Nothings - Attack On Memory
(Car Park Records)

What singer Dylan Baldi had to say on his hopes for this record "I just hope that they realize that they’re not able to pigeonhole us necessarily to a certain genre. We’re a band that has our own aesthetic rather than a band that ascribes to maybe trends or something that people might have thought we did based on our last couple of records."
Well, he got it. This doesn't sound like 2011's self titled release with it's spazzy pop punk-ness. With Attack on Memories opener "No Future/No past" Cloud Nothings make the statement that this might be a different record. With it's decidedly darker tone and post-rock structure the sound of those lo-fi recordings from Turned On are blown outta the water.
The second track is the much talked about "Wasted Days". The song clocks in at just under the nine minute mark and really leaves a statement. It starts off with a heavy enough tune, going on without a clue of what's to come. Then the song shifts gears and... it just becomes a monster. Building for five minutes until the song explodes back into the chorus. I love it.
The record has a sound that is constantly reminding you of something. You wanna say Drive Like Jehu or you wanna say Fugazi but nothing really hits it right on the mark. This album works best when they let themselves get a little heavy and explore the range they can create in a song. You just get sucked into some of them. Oddly enough, the the few poppier songs on the album seem out of place, like they were written at a different time.
Attack On Memories lets us know that CN is still evolving, still finding new creative outlets and that we should be on the look out for what's in store.

January 14, 2012

Just some Stuff

News: Local Post-Punk pysch favorites Far-Out Fangtooth is playing at the Level Room (21st and Market) on Sunday the 15th at 9pm. NOTE: This is one of the shows that Phonographic Arts has switched over from Little Bar. Little Bar no longer does Phonographic Arts shows.

We also have this cool Matador/True Panther 2011-12 sampler 12" "Intended Play". Featuring the likes of Girls, Kurt Vile, Fucked Up, Perfume Genius and more. It also has this amazing new Ceremony track Hysteria. Oh, and it's only $1.99!

New Ceremony album out March 6th

Songs We've been listening to that aren't new:

Thin Lizzy - Suicide
Dead Moon- Dagger Moon
Beach Boys - Surf's up
Spacemen 3 - Take Me to the Other Side
New York Dolls - Who Are The Mystery Girls?
Sebadoh - Not To Amused
Charlie Feather - Mound of Clay
The Chills - Pink Frost
T. Rex - Born to Boogie
DWARR - Screams of Terror
Snowy Red - Nowhere
Love - Stand Out
Arthur Lee - Everybody's Gotta Live

January 9, 2012

Staff Pick

Every so often here at Repo we like to pick one record that we can all agree on as being the one thing we can't stop listening to. The one we pick today is....

Guided By Voices - Let's Go Eat The Factory
(Guided By Voices Records)

Seeing older acts come out with new material can be scary. When The Feelies said they were gonna put out Here Before in 2011 I couldn't help but think "Why?" With their back catalog so loved why risk it, why smear a great history? Well, they're artist. They're not out to be commercially successful. They simply want to make music cause that is what they do, and they do it well. And when Here Before came out I loved it.

So when I heard that Guided By Voices was coming out with a new record I forgot all about the lesson Here Before had taught and felt that sense of dread. I didn't want one of my favorite bands to get back together (after a tour that one could argue was cashing in on itself) and put out a lame record. Should this record just be considered another release of 2012? It's different then when a band simply comes out with a new record after putting one out the year before. Papers and thesis's have been written about GBV. I've seen a girl weep during "Red Men and Their Wives". I've bonded with people about lines from "Echos Myron". So, yes, GBV is treated differently.

And here it is, Lets Eat The Factory and it's...... good, really good. After hearing this record I thought to myself "that IS how an older GBV would sound". it's filled with more of the mellower composition they're known for. There is no "Game of Pricks" on this record. filling it instead with songs that are lovingly produced and thought over. On tracks like "Doughnut for a Snowman" you can almost hear the shit-eating grin on their collective faces. The lyrics are still amazing. Still full of wit and sarcasm, Pollard and Sprout can still make you rewind your record to double check what they said. From "The Unsinkable Fats Domino" How's your life and cycles/ compared to your next rival?/ a '59 revial?/a '005 Survival? it's just fun stuff. Pick this record up, play it with some friends around and hang out, it'll be a good time.

January 2, 2012

The Birthday Party Reissues!

We got a bunch of copies of The Birthday Party's official reissues. We have Hee Haw, Junk Yard and Prayers on Fire. You need to own these. You know it's true.

January 1, 2012

Happy New year!

Sorry we haven't updated in a while. Apathy? Disillusionment? Contempt? All possible reasons but the truth is we've been pretty busy wrapping this year up and there are very few releases in December. So we thought we would just post some things of interest here for everyone.

New Releases

Um, like I said not much has come out in recent days. There was the Girls "Lawrence" heart shaped 10" that is super limited (we still have some copies) and pretty neat.

There's been some amazing garage rock records to come out. The Eddy Current Suppression Ring collection "So Many Thing" is a record I don't think I'll ever take off our turntable. Ty Segall's Singles collection and Thee Oh See's "Carrion Crawler/The Dream" are both fantastic.

Cool People, Places and Things

One really cool thing about a record store is everyone that's there is at LEAST curious about music. So some of the people that stumble in here do some pretty cool thing like making music or hosting radio shows or what ever. I've mentioned some of them in the past but here's some more. Just goes to show you that you should talk to other people while your here!

Platter Playlist

Created by our good friend Paul, Platter Playlist is an amazing playlist blog that is updated weekly and features country, folk, rock and soul from 60's on up. All amazing and all ripped from vinyl. If you come into Repo with any frequency then you have, without a doubt, heard us play this playlist.

Styrofoam Drone

If you like the sort of music we post about on the blog then you need to check out Styrofoam Drone. This is amazing website, created by our pal Zac, that does music reviews right.

Jazz With Dan Buskirk
WPRB-Princeton 103.3 fm mondays 11am-1pm

A couple of weeks ago I was talking to Dan and mentioned that I have a really hard time getting into jazz and I wish I could find the right style to catch my attention. Well Dan went home and the next week he came in with an amazing mix CD that showed me all the other faces of jazz that I never knew about. I have yet to take the CD out of my stereo at home I listen to it that much. Dan is a great guy with a radio show that is equally great. If you want to hear interesting, capturing jazz tracks then you need to hear Dan's show.


If you are not already on the Psychic Teens wagon then you need to fast! A fantastic local band that just came out with their first full length "TEENS" on the new Philly label
Golden Voyage. We are trying to always have it in stock but this stuff keeps selling out!

We want to say thanks to everyone that supported and continues to support Repo and we love all you guys! HAPPY NEW YEAR!