April 17, 2012

Record Store Day April 21st


April 16, 2012

Staff Pick of the Week

Every so often here at Repo we like to pick one record that we can all agree on as being the one thing we can't stop listening to. The one we pick today is....

White Fence - Family Perfume Vol. 1

Yeah, White Fence is really good. Growing Faith was a great album and the follow up Family Prefume Vol. 1 is even better. It sounds pretty how you would expect a garage record recorded entirely on acid would sound. Trippy melodies, jammed out riffs, rambling lead guitar and odd sounds abound. Some tracks are a little more power rock than others but for the most part it's a John Lennon meets the Fugs sort of sound.

If you had to find a fault with the album I would have to pick on the production quality. I know the lo-fi sound was intentional but it sounds like they went overboard. The lead guitar at times screeches painfully while others things (i.e. the other guitar) can get lost. But in all that muck it a truly superb album. It's not a party album, it's something you put on in your living room and soak it in. This record was made for you personally, so take the time to sit back and really listen to everything going on. It's all pretty messy and if you're not careful you'll overlook just how great this record is.