August 10, 2013

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This. When this album dropped in early 2011 it came out of nowhere.Well, almost nowhere. Maybe you had been following the craziness surrounding Frank's southern California hip hop collective Odd Future, who had been riding a wave of indie awareness and controversy at this time, or maybe you were a fan of forward thinking RnB and it was just something on your radar. However it came into your view, it more than likely planted itself firmly in place and didn't leave your brain until it could leak down to your fingers and type itself on a best of 2011 list. There was only one thing missing...vinyl. You see, nostalgia was put out as a mixtape, famously released by Frank after frustrations with label Def Jam dragging their heels forced him to release the album himself on the Odd Future website to the surprise of OF fans checking their website looking to re-download their lost copy of "Goblin" or "Earl".

But all that is different now. Why? Cuz Repo. Now you can hear "There Will Be Tears" in all it's life affirming glory, "Novacaine" in all it's indie kid pleasing-ness, and "Strawberry Swing" in all it's beautiful non-Coldplay-ness. We kid. But we really love this album. And it really shines on vinyl. Come say hi and pick up a copy. Repo loves you

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